Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Photograph Your Favorite Things!

A great tool to use as a photographer is to photograph your favorite things to be used as textural elements in your photography or collage for extravagant backgrounds on promotional pieces. I have a fascination for textures and use them a lot in my photography. Sometimes I will photograph metal boat supports, or wooden fences, or jewelry, or rocks to get interesting and abstract images. Then I will use these photos as textural overlays in my portrait images or as background elements when composing my businesses promotional material. No matter what photographing your favorite things will have great benefits for you as a photographer.
The bottom image is a photograph of metal texture I took and the top image is how I used that texture to create an intriguing background for many different purposes (i.e. cards, backgrounds, promotional material). You can see the texture faded in the turqoise color - this was created using layers in Photoshop and changing the layers' property settings to "soft light". Then I changed the layers' opacity. The creative possibilities are endless so start shooting!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

GOYA! A photographer's gathering to practice the craft with amazing models!

I just got back from GOYA! A workshop where us photographer's get together with some models and have fun! Got some great shots and met some awesome people. Even as professional photographer's we've always got to practice and there's ALWAYS new things/techniques to learn. It really doesn't matter what level your at there will always be some new technique or tidbit to learn. With the images I took at Goya I'm experimenting with Photoshop using different actions, textures and layers. We all know how I love textures!

Monday, June 1, 2009

SPYD Photography's got a Facebook Page!!!

Hey Everybody! Well it's official - SPYD Photography's on Facebook! I decided it was time to reach the masses and start up a Facebook page where people can post photos from their sessions or create discussions about photography.
So please go onto Facebook and
become a FAN of SPYD Photography Facebook Page!
Here's a photo I took of my friend Leah West. She's an amazing singer/songwriter in BC and is going to use this photo in her latest CD for which I'm very excited about! If you'd like to hear some of her beautiful music please visit her website at www.leahwest.com
You can also purchase her latest CD from there as well.