Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Amazing Trip to Peru!!

Well I had the priveledge of heading to Peru for vacation and what a BLAST!! It was amazing!! The 4 day Inca Trail we hiked to Machu Picchu was definitely hard and when we finally reached Machu Picchu I felt like we had achieved a huge accomplishment! It was a wonderful feeling:)

We visited all around Cuzco and the Sacred Valley then went to Lake Titicaca and visited with the people that live on weed islands on the lake. Very cool! Went to Arequipea and saw the huge condors, continued on to Nazca where we took a small 5 seater Cesna plane over the desert to see them. It was awesome! Although not so for Shannon but she was ok after we landed. I got to see the giant spider Nazca line which was a highlight for me and on my list of things to see!

From there we went to Iquitos - the world's largest city that no roads go to because it's in the middle of the Amazon jungle. We flew in and then stayed four days at a lodge deeper in the jungle. This was an amazing place! We saw monkeys, tucans, alligators, anacondas, lots of insects, tarantulas, spiders, tons of cool birds, and giant fish including piranas! The Amazon jungle is so beautiful - the water is a coffee brown color and reflects everything. I was amazed at how wide and large the river is and I had no idea they had pink dolphins in the amazon river. Who knew!
It was an amazing adventure there!!

Our last stop was to Huraz in north western Peru. From there we went to Chavin which was an ancient civilization before the Incas and Christ. They carved these great heads and hung them on the walls of their temple. They also carved glyphs into the rocks of their temple. It was very cool!

I would definitely go back! There's so much to see in Peru and it's got the most beautiful scenery with such a vast diversity!
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