Friday, May 29, 2009

Award Winning Photography!

So I just got back from the See the Light PPOC National Convention in Regina, SK. It was such a blast! I had entered four photos into the National Competition and all 4 got an Acceptance and 1 got a MERIT award!!! I'm very excited and happy! I thought I would share the Merit photo with you. I took this in Egypt last year. We were there for a month backpacking around the country and I carried my 40lbs of camera equipment everywhere! The Egyptians called it my "family" because I kept reffering my two cameras that were strapped around my neck my "babies"! It was quite humerous!
Well I'm please to say it's been an honor to have won so much at the PPOC convention!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

New Book For Sale!!!

Hi Everyone!
Great news! I've created a new book for sale with a selection of the best textures that I've discovered and photographed. It makes for a great coffee table book or interesting collection to any library. You can preview the first 15 pages and see what you think.

By Jennylynn Fields

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An Evening with Horses and my Friend Lisa!

Just wanted to thank Lisa for a wonderful evening at the barn where I got to photograph some beautiful horses. I really enjoyed the freedom of wandering the grounds and snapping shots and also watching Lisa ride her horse;P They had newly born baby horses at the barn as well that were so cute and clumsy! Greatly appreciate the opportunity and thought I'd share a few photos with everyone from this outing.
To see more please visit the "Horses" gallery on my SPYD Photography website.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Send a Sentiment with Cards!

I'm please to announce that SPYD Photography has joined up with a new card company called SendOutCards! It's a great online card company that allows you to customize your own cards or pick from thousands of existing ones. So easy you can send cards to friends and family right from your home computer for less than 2$!!! That's cheaper then going to the store, buying a 4-5$ card, putting postage on it and then shipping it. They print them, stick em in envelopes, place the postage on and ship em. Very easy and totally convienent!
I'm excited because I can touch people with a simple card. Plus they have an online system that stores all the information of the people you send cards to so when you want to send them another card it's right at your fingertips. There's even reminders for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions. They take care of everything you just have to decide what you want to say!
I love sending cards because it tells someone that your thinking of them and allows you to share special sentiments with them. It's the thought that counts and cards are a great way to express it!
Here's a card I made of my hairless cat, Shark Bait! My relatives think she's ugly but I think she's the cutest kitty cat ever;P They enjoyed receiving this one and got a good laugh out of it!

So if your interested about how to send your own sentiments with a card please visit SendOutCards and see if this company will work for you!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Creating Beauty out of a Threatened Species!

I'm continuing my love for texture and sharing with you my own personal experience and concern. I like to visit and take a vacation in British Columbia during the summer. They have a wealth of beautiful landscapes, natural forests, waterfalls and fauna but some of the species that thrive there are also being threatened. On a trip to Opaw, the photography workshop weekend conference, I got to photograph in some of Kelowna's gorgeous parks. I discovered the natural beauty of the Ponderosa Pines that grow all over there and most of BC. These trees are composed of millions of naturally abstract layers of bark piled on top of each other piece by piece to form the Ponderosa Pine Tree. Not only that but they are made up of a multitude of colors that radiate from the deep dark color of the external layer of bark. It's quite remarkable and beautiful up close and from far away but these special trees are threatened by the pine beetle.
A small creature that burrows into the bark of the Ponderosa Pine eventually killing the tree. Thousands of pine trees have been killed by these tiny insects already and thousands more will die. These outbreaks have been getting worse as the population of pine beetles increases. I've seen the effects personally!
Just looking at the forests on the mountainsides in BC you can see a dynamic of green trees amongst the dead red ones. The pine needles turn a reddish color when the tree dies and it's quite evident how large the mass of dead trees that exist in the forests. It would be a shame to see this species wiped out entirely.
I wanted to share with you this story and the beauty that the Ponderosa Pine holds. Here is a photo I took of the Ponderosa Pine Tree's bark up close with all it's unique layers and colors.
If you would like to find out more please visit these sites;

Ministry of Community Development for British Columbia

Trees for Tomorrow