Friday, October 26, 2012

Heartfelt Story

I sold a triptych to a wonderful women who shared with me her heartfelt story;

Your photography has really captured a feeling that is so hard to describe... My husband is in the US military and for the two years he was serving in Iraq for
the war, I would send him dandelion seeds as often as I could find them. We believed that if we wished on them and blew them away, somehow they would meet on the wind and we would be together again. It's silly, I know, but those are the kinds of things that made the time bearable for the both of us. When I saw your prints, the significance of everything that image embodies came to the surface... The whimsy, the sadness, the dreams, and the happiness. They are perfect! Thank you so much for your art, I will treasure these images forever.

Very Sincerely,

Thank you SO much Liz for sharing your story and I'm so happy my artwork connected with you guys and will give you happiness every time you look at it:) It's messages like this that make me feel so good to be a photographer - to be able to help and connect with others!

I'm Featured on CWPNetwork website!

I'm honored to be in the Photographer Spotlight on the Canadian Women Photographers Network website!
I was excited when they contacted me to be featured. What an honor to be on there with some amazing talent! Thank you So much CWPNetwork!!

Check it out at to see my spotlight, image, and short blurb.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lisa Horses 2012

It was a perfect fall evening for horsey bridal photos! I've always wanted to photograph a beautiful bride in her wedding dress with horses and I finally got the chance. Thanks so much Lisa! You look amazing!
Here are some teasers!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Roxanne Maternity 2012

Spent an amazing fall day with this beautiful couple photographing their maternity session. Congratulations you guys! They were such great sports to trek through the ravine for some great shots.
Here are some teaser photos!