Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inca Burial Tombs in Peru 2011

So I'm testing the connectivity of my blog, twitter, and Facebook accounts. I thought I'd share a photo from my recent trip to Peru. We visited the sacred valley near Cusco to see all the Inca sites. The Incas were pretty clever making terraces on the mountain sides to grow their crops on. It was a spectacular view up in cloud country!!
One of the Inca sites contained a mass burial ground where the Incas had buried hundreds of their people in a mountain side. It was interesting how they had dug holes in the cliff side to seal in their dead. Makes you wonder how they got up there and dug the holes, let alone carry the bodies of the deceased.
Here's a series of photos of the cliff side where the tombs are. There is the whole view of all the tombs and then the detailed shots where you can see bones exposed to the elements.

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