Monday, April 27, 2009

Texture!!! There is a wealth of textural drama happening in my own backyard!

Have you ever gotten down low and really observed nature's brilliance up close? There is such an abundance of texture, shapes, creatures, lines, and color that occurs on the smallest of scales.
I implore everyone to take a walk through their favorite hiking trail or path and walk right up close to a tree. Observe the texture of the bark and the beauty of the lines nature creates!
I love texture and am fascinated by its discovery in the most creative places;P
Nature creates these amazing visual abstractions full of texture that is there for us to discover and capture.
Here is an image I captured in my own backyard with a 60mm Macro lens. It's the root of a tree that has become unearthed and exposed to the elements.
I will be teaching a workshop in Kelowna, BC Aug. 7-9th at Opaw on "Abstract Designs in Nature". It's a great weekend retreat for photographers where you'll learn new techniques and nourish your creative senses! For more info please visit the website at

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