Monday, September 28, 2009

*Death Valley*

So on my recent trip to the USA I had the opportunity to visit Death Valley in California. It was a very cool desert but the HEAT was extreme!! There are signs that tell you to turn off your air conditioning to avoid overheating your vehicle. Crazy eh! Death Valley is definitely worth the trip! There are so many interesting sites to visit and strange history. Even the towns there have appropriate names like "Furnace Creek" or "Stove Top". One of the highlights was the "Racetrack" which is a dried up lake bed in a valley surrounded by mountains. To get there you have to 4x4 across the desert terrain which was rather stressful because I was afraid I might pop a tire but I was so determined to get there I kept on going. Past the forest of tree like cactus and around every bend until finally I reached the "Racetrack". It was well worth the effort because I got some cool shots! There are rocks on the dried up lake bed that slowly move all on there own and leave long trails in the dried up mud so you can literally see where they started and ended up. Scientists are still mystified as to exactly how and when these rocks are moved. Some say winds and others aliens;P Who knows!
So check out the new gallery at called "Death Valley" but here are a few samples.
I hope to keep updating the website with more juicy photos!!

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